Last love (story-chapter 1)

​Humans are not the illusion that her new found love because love a person without love is a life hell, all friends of the family members get,
In this story, you will find the love and fear

Down there where the weather is wet clouds had filled the bird and tortoise-like our life is on,

Then barefoot seaside being a boy like him arise rainy season is his name AM he is twelve year old ,Orphan because his beard, but he tells her grandmother that her parents died in a car event,

His grandmother tells him that his parents were good,His son’s name was Harry and he was a Scientist and he was abroad and when he met sanha had to wander,

Harry had to admit that a good woman, I am told by her grandmother Second religion after she loved me so I kept good care of Harry Sanha went on to marry,Sanha also went up and agreed to marry.

The wedding was very grandly of your parents After a year of marriage you were born ,Suddenly our lives were proceeding smoothly older your father’s condition had worsened so he will be in a search If you have one and a half years ,Your mother, your father was going to the hospital.The only way your mother did me the phone and said that Harry’s brain is dead ,By saying she hung up the phone and found out the next day went to the death of your parents,So I’m listening to it at her eyes were moist.

Chapter 2 next ….. Tell about story in comment please


2 thoughts on “Last love (story-chapter 1)

  1. I like the idea for your story but like everything we write there is always a lot to do in terms of editing. English is a difficult language with so many weird rules but if we work at we get there…..good luck..


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