Last love {chapter 2 }beginning 

​After long passage of time Amm is 17 years old, Trust yourself that lasts, Amm School is now being.

He takes the girls tug at you he takes to read people’s minds,Following him around all school friend and go to the same class are all part  ,He wants to be just like your father Scientist.
After going home from school and talk to grandma falls asleep listening to the story of Grandma,She goes to school the next morning, his friend tells him about vacationAfter hearing all this, he is surprised and then he asks his friends,
Where to vacation at this time of the school is taking his friend who speaks Hilsteshn,
After hearing all that he has determined to be the grandmother called and told the.
That evening, they are going to go on vacation is and what he thinks of fun to Tarun lets just start singing ,

(I met you in a day  , you think I’m a crazy bae ,

Just start smiling , i’m gonna  say,lay down by my side ,   look at  sky  and the rainbow 

And fall in my love very slow

 you’re my angel , you’re my angel

You’re my angel 

Feel you ,feel me 

Save my heart  24×7  in a day)


Impress a Girl Listening to her made her this song, That girl came to school was a few days He did not know Amm But he wanted her to know now,

Dense after dark were all asleep and the next morning they all wipe Hilsteshn.They tend to hang out in the morning is,

Amm is also fun with your friends, no man knows what he is looking at,That April, he now named Lady was to have friendship with Amm,That April, he now named Lady was to have friendship with Amm ☺

Chapter 3 will be soon 


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