(God must have spent )☺

#n sync #inspiration

Your love is like a river

Peaceful and deep

Your soul is like a secret

That I never could keep

When I look into your eyes

I know that it’s true

God must have spent…

A little more time

On you…#great #world #love #soul #24 darker

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Last love (chapter 6)the soul

Amm meet a  girl who looks like april,and talk to her at the beach , but he get all the information ,  her name is Julie and she says ,April is my best friend , when we were 12 we play every role, amm surprised then ,she tells him and talked about April’s death , she says April accident in the car ,and she was my best friend ,but can you tell me who are you 

juile ask to amm ,

but there’s amm out of his mind and he goes to his home ,then he will have decide to going April s home , he reach at home and knock the door , April’s father John open the door and say who are you gentlemen ,I didn’t recognise you amm said I was your daughter’s bf ,and you destroyed her life and mine,

Amm talk him to very rudely ,but he never argument to him ,then John say I am really sorry my son , flowing tears in his eyes and says when were April happy he come to home and then I mixed a drug in her coffee ,she sleped very well but I don’t know something bad happened, after few days he waked up  and trying to go your home ,she stole my car for find you , and next day her dead body founded in a river , I really sorry son about this.

The machine

Amm nothing to say off April s dad John and go away to his home gloomily,he go away his home , goes at the beach sit and think about his machine , he work to his machine hardly day and night and after two days  , he made it and discover ,but he don’t know ,he trying to alive his grandma and April, he launch a server in the machine .

After few hours  in the night the machine doesn’t working , he try and try after that he tired and slept there , in the next morning amm hear a voice he know the voice , he goes to the beach and meet a young lady her name Julie , he says hello Julie , can we sing this song together , Julie say okay okay but I have one condition , you make a coffee to me amm laugh and said okay ,i’ll try 

Both sing very well and after that he talking  to their past , and flirting  their talk , getting evening 

There they talking and here the Machine instant work , and whats happen April alive , but not her in own body , only her soul 

After april amms grandma soul  , April go away when amms grandma come she searching amm and she reach at the beach and she sees amm talking to her friend Julie in the dark night ,she rememberd her love days only , where juile and amm talking and flirting ,after that ,both goes home and juile says to amm can I hug you only as a friend ,amm say okay but both don’t know anyone watching  ,April in anger  but still silent 

,April think amm is only mine , I can’t live without him ,

she didn’t know ,she is the soul of ,today dark night she touch him but can’t feel him she is in surprise ,and say what happened with me , there is one mirror she look at mirror and says oh my god it can’t be , I am really sorry god please can earlier me I am begging you but god not listen to her ,she cry and cry in damn ,