(God must have spent )☺

#n sync #inspiration

Your love is like a river

Peaceful and deep

Your soul is like a secret

That I never could keep

When I look into your eyes

I know that it’s true

God must have spent…

A little more time

On you…#great #world #love #soul #24 darker

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Last love (chapter 6)the soul

Amm meet a  girl who looks like april,and talk to her at the beach , but he get all the information ,  her name is Julie and she says ,April is my best friend , when we were 12 we play every role, amm surprised then ,she tells him and talked about April’s death , she says April accident in the car ,and she was my best friend ,but can you tell me who are you 

juile ask to amm ,

but there’s amm out of his mind and he goes to his home ,then he will have decide to going April s home , he reach at home and knock the door , April’s father John open the door and say who are you gentlemen ,I didn’t recognise you amm said I was your daughter’s bf ,and you destroyed her life and mine,

Amm talk him to very rudely ,but he never argument to him ,then John say I am really sorry my son , flowing tears in his eyes and says when were April happy he come to home and then I mixed a drug in her coffee ,she sleped very well but I don’t know something bad happened, after few days he waked up  and trying to go your home ,she stole my car for find you , and next day her dead body founded in a river , I really sorry son about this.

The machine

Amm nothing to say off April s dad John and go away to his home gloomily,he go away his home , goes at the beach sit and think about his machine , he work to his machine hardly day and night and after two days  , he made it and discover ,but he don’t know ,he trying to alive his grandma and April, he launch a server in the machine .

After few hours  in the night the machine doesn’t working , he try and try after that he tired and slept there , in the next morning amm hear a voice he know the voice , he goes to the beach and meet a young lady her name Julie , he says hello Julie , can we sing this song together , Julie say okay okay but I have one condition , you make a coffee to me amm laugh and said okay ,i’ll try 

Both sing very well and after that he talking  to their past , and flirting  their talk , getting evening 

There they talking and here the Machine instant work , and whats happen April alive , but not her in own body , only her soul 

After april amms grandma soul  , April go away when amms grandma come she searching amm and she reach at the beach and she sees amm talking to her friend Julie in the dark night ,she rememberd her love days only , where juile and amm talking and flirting ,after that ,both goes home and juile says to amm can I hug you only as a friend ,amm say okay but both don’t know anyone watching  ,April in anger  but still silent 

,April think amm is only mine , I can’t live without him ,

she didn’t know ,she is the soul of ,today dark night she touch him but can’t feel him she is in surprise ,and say what happened with me , there is one mirror she look at mirror and says oh my god it can’t be , I am really sorry god please can earlier me I am begging you but god not listen to her ,she cry and cry in damn ,

For lovely person(long way)

🌸By twenty four darker  🌸 

 You got A smile , I love you from thousand miles 

Do with me,be honesty say the words ,

In the universe ,I am praying ,

God gave us something worth ,

Round and round,

Shout and  shout ,

happy and calm

 Take my hand first ,put on your heart.💓

I love you my world, I love you my friends ,I love you my parents, live young………… https://youtu.be/450p7goxZqg

Last love (chapter 5 )new life 


After few months ,amm tried to forget April ,he remembered all the memory to spend with April , whenever he think about April ,Tears flowing from his eyes seem,he fell every day in those memory and his grandma says son you’re not doing great if you give his chance one more time , you can enjoy your life journey but he didn’t hear ,

Day to day Unfolded , one day his grandma tells him ,are you forgot everything you promised me when you were in the school , you forgot everything about your dad , my son this is not the reason so you can back with your old days , you’ve should hard work and  become a top scientist in this world , he inspired his grandma ,he continues study and topper in the college , he got scholarship for America , he go to there but he never leave his grandma , his grandma say my son i’m not leave my house As long as I’m alive,

She says my son you’ve should go now and become a top scientist in the world until you’ve not come back here ,can you promise me his grandma says,

And he say okay okay grandma ,I will become a scientist,

He goes to America and study very hard ,everydays he think about his aim, and enjoying a lovely life , during his holiday s he thought I’ve going to the grandma ‘s home ,he  will has totally surprise her,he take a flight,

Where his  grandma trying to make something in the kitchen,she can not do much now because of old age,she had been suffered disease of asthma ,now the day she didn’t know to her son ,he should arrive today ,in the kitchen during the cooking she have attack of asthma , she trying to took medicine but all medicine are empty , Her death is merciless, 
His son arrive approximately to their home ,he look everything spread on the floor , and  he says grandma I’m came,he search his grandma and after search he goes in the kitchen , he surprise his grandma has dead on the floor, and he was totally out of his mind, he cry and cry ..after few days he think everything is gone I’ve should not here and never come back again , he says I’ve lost my every  person , oh my god what you do wrong with me , he says I discover  a machine to will be able for alive dead people ,after he back to aboard ,and now he study very deeply , he create new inventions , he create more and more ,now he is best scientist in the world , and now he is a millionaire , he think about his past life to promised his grandma ,and April 

He decide to discover his machine{ aliva }  he have hepled by scientist best in the world ,but he doesn’t create after and after he try but he fail,

He think,  I’ve should go to his home, and he goes ,  he reach his home and rememberd his days , he look at his grandma pictures , and tears flowing his eyes, Assuming think he falls asleep on the bed,

{New life}

Next morning he wake up fresh morning ,the sun rises and he heard a 

song by his own sung when he were during tour holidays , he following his song and he reach on the beach , he look at a lady and says where you learn this song ,

Last love (chapter 4)hurt a girl

Bad father 

She tells everything About her dad ,and then amm said  we’re marry but not tell anyone , April think for few minutes but she’s already fell with Amm’s love, and she say yes of course I’ll marry ,

Both and his grandma ready to start both wedding , and after few days April’s dad call her and said , April are you marry with a gentleman , April say in shocked mood no no dad , who’s tell you,

April’s dad John say ,I heard by stranger man , but you never faith on your dad ,I am very upset he’s say ,John is very  Clever man,he said can you not includ your father to your marriage ,April say dad but you not interested off love marriage , John say no no daughter ,

I’ll support you but can  you come at your home ,April say in happy mood and she said ya dad I am really happy for this , yes I’m coming now , April go away from Amm’s home and with exciting she goes for her home ,

She reached at her home , her dad John sit on a sofa , April walk to hug with her dad ,and John say can you make a cup of coffee to her dad , April say oh yes dad ,and she go ,

she made coffee and two cup coffees she made then her dad say oh my dear thank you I drink your coffee for long time ,can you bring some water ,April say why not dad , I’ll get it 

But she Forgot about her dad ,her dad very bad man 

And he mix sleep medicine in her coffee ,April come and give water to her dad ,and she drink her coffee after few minutes she feel very tired and sleepy then she said dad i’m goin to in my room we talk latter , and she asleep very deeply , after minutes her dad comes in her room and take it her phone to make a  call Amm’s phone and he said to amm I am April s dad , and i’m not happy with your family and say your whole family is very bad condition i’m not give my daughter hand with your , John say and threw the April’s phone, .

The days passed,and April wake up  and says okay dad i go to Amm’s home , dad John say no daughter not now , April shocked and says why not , John say because amm not marry with you he made a call and said your daughter not worth for me I’m married with other girl April hear and say no no dad Amm’s doesn’t anything with me , I’ll go to his home , then John say no no baby and he tell He go away from here,

April cry and cry on her bad and her dad’s looked her in  room , 
There Amm’s worry about his gf ,and he goes  to the police station for find her gf April address because he did not know her home address , and he search every where , after few day s April think can her dad lies to her ,she try to run away from her home but she locked ,and she try to jump of the window with help of ropes ,and she did it , run away of  her dad’s car goes to Amm’s home , with full speed ,

She reach at his home but home looked,

She waiting for amm but he never come for her ,she think and she thought dad’s right  ,she goes back to her home with full speed her car, she is in the car and she sees ,amm and his Grandma walking to the other side,she spun the car is cornering ,but Next came the big truck on April did not know what was,In April, he hit the car,
He took his car to the side of the pond are dragged,and amm look her car but he did not to he loose his gf ,then his phone ring and amm say hello ,his call from the police station and officer said we found April home you come immediately ,He went there at once, looked at the car with his grandma , April look to her bf amm but he not come ,she died drowned,
(Next chapter coming soon ,, You’ve should read whole story and then comments please )