Fairy clouds

#think #live life 

Look at the sky 

When I’m chasing the clouds 

How I feel ,my dear your smile 

Let’s play with them

I make elephant and

You take a ride , what’s a beautiful journey 

You think I’m right …

Twenty four darker 


Last love (chapter 3 )this I promise you

April looked and looked him and after that 21 days vacation are ends and all student go their home by the bus ,and now Amm’s  Turn to going  the home April eyes following him but  he open the door and going to the bedroom without anyone tell for hangout , next morning Amm following his aim and going school , he  made a promise to her Grandma  and he reach to the school but anyone waiting for an hour , 

she’s April and now she trying to friendship with Amm ,amm is in his class behind him as soon as April, where amm goes even sits down on the bench is his April,

April amm says hello, both is  started talking and continued for a long time, Not until the school bell rings,

Much later, a friendship is sealed, is to speak to her friend amm, April what your girlfriends,Hearing this amm mind by telling his friends, and goes home, my grandmother speaks a friend of my ,but grandmother’s remains do not hear anything, Aam going to your room for hangout,after long period ……..

{Exam time } 

One day April trying to solve a question but she didn’t ,then amm going to her way she ask him off firlty mood ,can you solve my question, Amm speak okay I will ,

he solve her question in 5min , and she’s really shocked, she’s very impressed by him , April ask him can we start studying together , Amm tell okay okay , both together start studying and fun , 

One day April trying to study but she can’t ,then amm say why not we watch a movie together at the theater,april says okay ,her smile very cute amm say ,April thank you and both watch a movie and fun , after that they come to the  home and start studying together to very hard,

After 15 days  exam start and both give their best , and they don’t care about the result , one talk noticed by April he likes amm very much but she didn’t tell him,

After few days school results ready and they topper in the school amm’s grandma really happy for  his result and she proud him  very much   and April ,

Amm and April ready to next class and both did it very well , both clear all the classes ,but both friendship  very close Delusionl,both didn’t tell to each other ,but one person know Amm’s  grandma , she wants to bring them closer , now amm and April looking for their aim and choose best colleges , amm wants to become a Scientist and April wants to become a doctor , 
April’s family

(April’s family)
one day amm talk to April why not you introduce your family ,April look amm’s eyes and then look down , amm say what , is that wrong ,
April no no but my dad is a very very anger man, he didn’t about ours , and I can’t tells about you and me so leave the matter , amm say but why April why ,can you tell me briefly , amm say ,
April okay ,my dad name is John and he’s servant of the government job,a long time ago since , he’s young as you , and he met a young lady sarla ,my daddy loves Him very much and she is , she’s very beautiful lady , one day my dad purpose her and she said yes and both married after few years she gave me birth ,  but you don’t know my father behaviour he’s doubt to her one day my mom sarla go away for shopping at the shopping mall after the shopping she come she buy very heavily stuff ,and she unloaded her stuff but she doesn’t very well the my uncle ,my neighbour he’s a very gentle but my father doesn’t him to he come our home and any activity , he helped my mother ,then my father come through the car and he saw my mother helped by him , he’s gonna crazy and his loaded gun in the car , he shoots both , because he thought he tried to close my mom and my mom like him , my father didn’t his own bear , he shoots both , and I fled,and then he hates lover people ,so that i am not talking about him.

this i promise you 

Last love {chapter 2 }beginningΒ 

​After long passage of time Amm is 17 years old, Trust yourself that lasts, Amm School is now being.

He takes the girls tug at you he takes to read people’s minds,Following him around all school friend and go to the same class are all part  ,He wants to be just like your father Scientist.
After going home from school and talk to grandma falls asleep listening to the story of Grandma,She goes to school the next morning, his friend tells him about vacationAfter hearing all this, he is surprised and then he asks his friends,
Where to vacation at this time of the school is taking his friend who speaks Hilsteshn,
After hearing all that he has determined to be the grandmother called and told the.
That evening, they are going to go on vacation is and what he thinks of fun to Tarun lets just start singing ,

(I met you in a day  , you think I’m a crazy bae ,

Just start smiling , i’m gonna  say,lay down by my side ,   look at  sky  and the rainbow 

And fall in my love very slow

 you’re my angel , you’re my angel

You’re my angel 

Feel you ,feel me 

Save my heart  24Γ—7  in a day)


Impress a Girl Listening to her made her this song, That girl came to school was a few days He did not know Amm But he wanted her to know now,

Dense after dark were all asleep and the next morning they all wipe Hilsteshn.They tend to hang out in the morning is,

Amm is also fun with your friends, no man knows what he is looking at,That April, he now named Lady was to have friendship with Amm,That April, he now named Lady was to have friendship with Amm ☺

Chapter 3 will be soon 

Last love (story-chapter 1)

​Humans are not the illusion that her new found love because love a person without love is a life hell, all friends of the family members get,
In this story, you will find the love and fear

Down there where the weather is wet clouds had filled the bird and tortoise-like our life is on,

Then barefoot seaside being a boy like him arise rainy season is his name AM he is twelve year old ,Orphan because his beard, but he tells her grandmother that her parents died in a car event,

His grandmother tells him that his parents were good,His son’s name was Harry and he was a Scientist and he was abroad and when he met sanha had to wander,

Harry had to admit that a good woman, I am told by her grandmother Second religion after she loved me so I kept good care of Harry Sanha went on to marry,Sanha also went up and agreed to marry.

The wedding was very grandly of your parents After a year of marriage you were born ,Suddenly our lives were proceeding smoothly older your father’s condition had worsened so he will be in a search If you have one and a half years ,Your mother, your father was going to the hospital.The only way your mother did me the phone and said that Harry’s brain is dead ,By saying she hung up the phone and found out the next day went to the death of your parents,So I’m listening to it at her eyes were moist.

Chapter 2 next ….. Tell about story in comment please

Everyone is unique (calm down and read) πŸ•΅οΈ

I happy When the people laugh to jokes and funny videos when I smile and full energetic, πŸ˜€

Whever the people feeling sad

I really feel bad, πŸ˜”

Because they think, they don’t anythings, 

I suggest to people when God send our souls to the earth normally and equally, so why the people think so much, 😱

We don’t understand to their people, we all create a soil is, πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

We’re unique 😎

We’re piece of love, and we do anything just need to peep inside and gladly do that job, 

You got the in inspiration to do that job, which you will find everything they need, 

(please go spread your love, spread your happiness) πŸ’–πŸ’–

God is with you πŸ˜‡

Keep smiling πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I steal the moon(poem)(calm down &read )

Whole world trying fit in keep it together ,but my different way

Look at the sky and pretty weather,

I wanna to say ,

When night comes my eyes are numb, 

You’re beautiful I see ,

And I smile,

Your white shine ,

I never forgot you ,

My dream comes stole to you ,

And I am theif  star behind for me ,

I am run away on the milkeyway  ,

I just wanna say 

I just wanna say 

I just wanna say 

Moon moon  your moonlight keep me stronger 

And you inspire me.